Car Dog Hammock “Travel Buddy Mk. II” Owleys

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Product Details
Product Details
Versatile collapsible design
This car dog hammock fits most vehicles with detachable headrests. It also features a unique split design – just undo the zipper in the middle to save space and use this dog hammock on one side of the seat.
And when not in use, you can easily fold it up and carry conveniently by the handle. Perfect for travel lovers!
Travel Buddy II Dog Hammock Size
Discover clean & easy pet travel
Travel Buddy II Dog Hammock Description 1
No leaks, no slipping
Six-layer 600D Oxford cloth design is completely waterproof, even if you pour water on it, while the bottom layer is made from non-slip recycled PVC to prevent slides under your pet.
Travel Buddy II Dog Hammock Description 2
Extra storage space
Store your dog’s favorite toys, leashes, brushes, or your other pet travel essentials in the two handy pockets of this dog hammock to save space and make your tailed buddy happy on the road.
Travel Buddy II Dog Hammock Description 3
Durable & user-friendly fastening
With strong metal clips, smooth running zippers, and solid headrests straps, this dog hammock is super simple to set up in a few minutes – just attach it to the front and back seat headrests!
Watch the video instruction below

This dog car hammock fits most car models that have detachable headrests on their seats. Please check the dimensions carefully before purchasing.

No, we recommend this pet cover for washing machines. Please use a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or your hands to gently hand-wash it.

Yes, you can easily fold it when not in use. All its parts are conveniently foldable.

Yes, they are conveniently adjustable to fit your car seats.

Yes, this dog hammock has Velcro openings in the fold so you could attach the safety belt.

See why people love Car Dog Hammock “Travel Buddy Mk. II” Owleys

50 reviews
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Delaine Williams

We brought our 8 week old puppy home in this and she has loved it ever since! It allows for freedom in the backseat, while also protecting your seats and doors. It’s also easy to clean. Our pup is still getting car sick every now and then, and we can wipe it away no problem!

Susan Kleinell

I love this dog hammock, I got a new car and my dog absolutely loves to ride. With leather seats, I was afraid he would tear up the seats with his nails. This dog hammock fit perfectly in the back seat, allowing my dog enough room to enjoy the car rides while also protecting the leather. It is machine washable so when it gets dirty, you just throw it in the wash.

Jose Holguin

I give this a five star rating because I’ve had several different covers. I have German shepherds and I found this one to be the most durable. It holds up to their weight when moving around. It has solid construction and not mesh which will tear. It’s easy to clean and vacuum. I really don’t need the pockets but I guess those would be handy for some people. I also like how it has the high ends. It keeps the dog hair more contained.

Keith Linnane

This product exceeded my expectations! It fit perfectly in the back of my Ford Escape, buckled nicely around each headrest, and doesn’t slip and slide when my doggo is hanging out on it. Offers good protection for my car seats and looks sleek too. Highly recommend!

Deborah Weakley

Love this! My car was always full of dog hair, now it still has hair, inevitably, but A LOT less! Henry, my dog, loves it (he actually prefers it now, than just the seat); easy to clean, looks good in my car!

Edgar McArthur

I didn’t even have to read the instructions on how to install this because it was just that easy. Very good materials used to build it and well constructed. Very glad that I bought it!

James Manseau

We purchased this item for our two bullies that shed, and drool alot. This cover fit perfectly on our back seats in our Toyota Rav 4. It was easy to set up. The cover is thick and durable as well which I feel will last. It also has a velcro slit so we can still use the seat belt for our pups. Definitely recommend!

Robert Roque

This is amazing at keeping my pup dog confrontable and the hair contained

Barbara Rowley

Like it so far. It should really do the job for dog hair.

Benjamin Tucker

Well I was looking at seat protectors for a while; due to having leather seat. I looked at many. finally decided to get this one. It has a thicker material, is waterproof, has the size that come up that cover the door plus the zippers ,has pockets on the inside and so much more. I was questioning if the material was going to be thick enough and it is !! I’m very happy with this purchase!!!! most definitely I will recommend to anybody else who has an animal or even children for backseat cover for just seat protection. Wish it came in a different color but other than that I have no complaints. This is a MUST HAVE ! Don’t think twice about it.

Barbara White

Great purchase

Carl Sherwood

Super easy to install and is just as described. Going to save the interior of my car!

Kenneth Finch

Does a great job of creating a spot in the backseat for my dog. Keeps dog hair and damage off the interior. Seems to be high quality and has help up perfectly. 5/5

Jesse Gutierrez

This is a great product for our rambunctious dog. Took it out of the bag and in a few easy steps it was installed. I just adjusted the straps on the head rests so they were even and no dips between seat to back of the seats and we were in business. The opening to the seat belt mechanism made it a breeze to attach the included strap to to him for his safety. This seat cover is such a nice addition to my truck an it looks good in it. Best choice I could have made, surpasses my wife’s seat cover for her SUV in every way. Now she wants one👍

Angelina Tolin

I love this cover. The best I’ve had. My black Lab doesn’t like to sit down and this keeps him from putting his head between the seats and disallows him from being thrown forward. It has openings for the west belts and works well to keep my puppies safe. Easy to take in and out, a quick shake and it’s clean and ready to easily be reinstalled.

Sean Longworth

Bought this for our 2 fur babies. It fit perfectly in the back seat of our full size Chevy Silverado. Kept them in the back seat while protecting the leather seats and kept them out of the floorboards.

Jerry Wyatt

What a great product this is, it was an easy installation into the backseat. The material is rugged and it’s well built. After picking our 90 pound grand puppy up he just settles down and takes a nap vs being jostled around the back seat trying to remain balanced while seated which is not easy with acceleration and braking. A distracted driver was pulling out of a driveway onto the road without stopping, nearly T-Boning us sending our puppy flying to the floor, thankfully he was not injured; I purchased this hammock the same day. I recommend it to everyone who inquires about it. It is easy to vacuum and quite simple to fold up and put away in the trunk.I would purchase this again!

Hannah Reyes

I love this product!

Caroline Smith

We board dogs at our home and every day I pick up an older small dog. I’m always afraid he’ll roll off the back seat if I stop short. No worries now. It also does a great job protecting my leather seats. I don’t run the sides up but could. Instead I lay it over the ends completely protecting my seat. It’s also very versatile in that I can I can cover part or all of the cargo area when I go to the big box store or just use it for my front passenger seat although I haven’t used it there. I have a 2016 RAV4 Limited and it fits perfectly.

Charles Zierzow

Easy to install in my Mazda CX-5. I use it frequently with a Belgian Malinois. Highly recommended

John Foushee

I really love this call protective seat cover it was easy to install and water resistant easy to clean and my dog absolutely loves it Plus it has nice big pockets to put water bottles and collapsible bowl. I would definitely recommend this. It was worth the price.

Sharon Kimbrell

My dog loved this product and was comfy for a 2 day drive

Ryan Bornemann

Just got my Travel Buddy II Dog Hammock from Owleys and couldn’t be more pleased! It’s a step up from the original model, having a better zipper design and handles for carrying. The installation was surprisingly easy, and I love how it creates a barrier that discourages my adventurous Beagle from trying to leap into the front seat. The quality is top-notch as always, and the waterproof material seems to be better to stand up to muddy paws and wet fur. It’s clear that the folks at Owleys understand what dog owners need. Travel Buddy II gets five stars from me 👍

James Morris

I purchased this product because I was looking for a sturdy cover and I got it! The dogs fit comfortably and it is easy to clean. I recommend this product.

Ron York

I absolutely hate dog hair in my car but I love bringing my dogs with me. I have the luxury to bring my dogs to work. I have a large bloodhound and a small English bulldog. Seat covers definitely get used regularly and are sort of a permanent accessory in my car. I have bought at least a dozen of these and this one is by far my favorite. It fits perfectly on the seat. It has door protectors. It’s made of heavy duty material. I love the pockets to store leashes and other items that I might take with the dogs. Dog hair easily washes off of it and I do wash this thing weekly. From one pet parent to another, I am very happy with this product.

Michele Stark

Was easy to put in, works great, love it!

Jeff Sawdy

A decent product at a good price point. My dog and I both feel better having this in the car lol

Steve Hunt

I have two large hound dogs and this does a great job keeping them in the back seat of my car and keeping it clean. I’ve had one of my dogs get car sick and I was able to hose off the mess and hang to dry and have it back in my car the next day. Highly recommend for anyone with a puppy

Jim Bullard

I bought this new dog car hammock as a replacement for my old owleys hammock that I have been using for a year. My Labrador got used to the old one so I really hoped there’ll be no problems with the Mark II. And so far, I am impressed with the quality of the product. I appreciated that now there are three headrest attachments and not two, although it’s a pity that this new version doesn’t have seat anchors. But despite this, this hammock is also snug and secure, it doesn’t slip under my dog on the go. A printed instruction on how to fold the hammock as pictured would also be quite helpful.

Patsy Wallrath

As a dog owner who loves to take my furry friend on adventures, this waterproof dog car hammock has been a game-changer for me. I use it for 2 months already. The hammock is incredibly durable and easy to install, thanks to the three headrest straps in the back. Its thick design not only provides extra comfort for my dog but also protects my car seats from scratches, mud, and hairs. I also love that it is super easy to clean with a wet sponge. If you’re looking for a good y car hammock for your dog, I highly recommend this Travel Buddy Mark 2.

Mark McGinn

I bought this car dog hammock in February and now I can honestly say that I’ve found the perfect solution for rides with my dog. The hammock itself is well-crafted and made from high-quality, water-resistant material. It provides excellent protection for my seat upholstery and is very easy to clean. What sets this travel buddy car hammock apart from other similar products is its cute, yet thoughtful design. The built-in storage pockets turned out to be very convenient for storing my dog’s leash, toys, and treats, making it easier to keep everything organized during our trips. I’m thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend this car hammock to any dog owner 👍

Brett Simpson

I recently added this hammock to my list of essential travel gear for our family’s frequent outings with our dog! A standout feature of this half seat car dog hammock is its middle-zipper design, which allows us to use it on one half of the backseat while still accommodating one more passenger. This versatility is incredibly useful for our family of four! Plus, the portable design, complete with handles, makes it a breeze to transfer between vehicles or to store when not in use. Overall, this owey’s dog car hammocks is a fantastic investment for dog owners who want to keep their cars clean and their pets comfortable during travels! Totally recommended!

Jason Hanna

I received this car seat dog hammock as a gift a few weeks ago. And I LOVE it!!! It fits my car seats just perfectly. The hammock is also crafted from a sturdy, waterproof material, and the side panels have solid inserts inside. It seems to be really durable and and I hope it’ll work well to withstand the wear and tear from my energetic dog!! One feature I particularly appreciate is the anti-slip bottom layer, which ensures that my dog remains stable and secure during our road trips. All in all, great product that worth the money! Glad that I received it as a gift though because the price is too high for me lol

Jim Massey

Why is there no instructions on how to fold? The quality is good

William Mcclure

We purchased this large car dog hammock one month ago, and it has proven to be a great addition to our road trips with our poodles. We have used cheaper hammocks from amazon before, but they quickly ripped and didn’t look that good. With this hammock, not only our dogs feel comfortable, but we also have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and contained, just like our backseat area. Installation and folding is simple to deal with, it only takes us a few minutes. We also love the storage pockets for keeping our dogs’ essentials close at hand. Thank you, we will definitely recommend this product and brand.

Harry Milhisler

Hello everyone, I ordered this dog car hammock with sides to keep my backseat clean, and I am incredibly impressed with its quality. The hammock is made of sturdy fabric that provides a comfortable place for my Husky to sit while also protecting my car seats from dirt and scratches. The hammock is easy to install and fold, and it stays securely in place while driving. And it looks SO pretty in my car interior !! Thank you for the product and I can (and will) highly recommend it to my friends 😊😊

Tony Bruning

Love my new Travel Buddy car dog hammock, it’s cute, durable and well-made:) My pup seems to like it too. I’d definitely recommend it to others.

David Harper

I upgraded to this new Travel Buddy Mk. II and I’m glad I did. As someone who’s constantly on-the-go, I was impressed with the new portable design. It’s compact, lightweight and fits easily in my bag. I loved that there are now three straps on the back and they fit perfectly. Overall the design and size are the same as the first Travel Buddy I purchased a year ago and it works great for me. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this hammock to anyone looking for a durable car cover!

jay niemeyer

🤎 happy with my purchase thank you 🤎

Inger Nolan

This hammock fits beautifully in my 2016 Honda accord. The material is top notch. The zippers are well sewn in and work perfectly with no issues. I did find one flaw though. The side panels that give you access to the door to enter should have been sown in the center and have a zipper installed on each side. This way it is protecting the side seat area. Having only one single zipper is frankly dumb. But I love your inclosed design idea. It’s just not perfect! When you upgrade with my idea you can just send me a new one and will call it even.
Dg Wilson

Zach O'Donnell

doesn’t fit my car well looks cute though

Tricia Schmitz

As an owner of a Husky, I’ve struggled to find the perfect solution for my girls’ car travel comfort that can also keep my interior clean. After trying various seat covers, I came across this Travel Buddy dog car hammock and decided to give it a try. I’m thrilled to report that this product has exceeded all of my expectations! Firstly, the hammock’s design is ingenious. It creates a cozy and secure place for my dog while also protecting the whole seatback area, including the seats, floor, and doors. The material is not only durable and waterproof but it also features a non-slip bottom, so my dog doesn’t slide around during our drives. Moreover, the installation process was a breeze, the straps easily secured the hammock in place. So this owleys’ travel buddy has truly been a game-changer for us, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Thank you!

Simkho Chulpayev

Our family loves taking road trips, and our dog is always part of the adventure. We’ve tried numerous hammocks and carriers over the years, but this Travel Buddy Car Hammock is by far the best one we’ve found for keeping our pup comfortable, secure, and our car clean. It creates a suspended space for our dog to relax in, reducing her anxiety and keeping her contained. We really like the design, from the stylish look to the functionality. The hammock’s waterproof material is durable, protecting our car seats from dirt and hair. We’ve also found it very simple to clean, which is a bonus after those muddy hikes 😄 Thank you! We love the product and will recommend it!

Jay Davisson

I’m happy with this pet cover! It’s made my life so much easier when I travel with my terriers.Highly recommend!

Jackson Vaughan

I recently purchased this Travel Buddy dog car hammock for my BMW and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. It seems to be very durable and looks really nice in my car interior. And it works just great to protect my car seats from any messes my dogs may create! It is also foldable and portable with two carrying handles, making it easy to store and take on the go. Overall, I think that this Travel Buddy car hammock is an excellent investment for any dog owner who loves to travel with their pet(or pets).


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