Dog Car Seat “Pup Spot” Owleys

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Product Details
Product Details
Universal fit
This dog booster seat fits most car models that feature detachable seat headrests. All attachment straps are adjustable to customize your fit.
Dog Car Seat Size
Enjoy every ride with your pet
Dog Car Seat Description 1
Water-resistant design
Crafted from eco-leather, this dog seat is water-resistant, for your peace of mind – even if your puppy gets nervous and relieves itself right on the go.
Dog Car Seat Description 2
Secure fastening
One headrest strap, two seat back straps, and a non-slip bottom firmly hold this booster seat in place, while installation takes no more than a couple of minutes.
Dog Car Seat Description 3
Your pet’s comfy support
Create a cozy and safe place for your pet in the car with our soft booster seat. And of course, don’t forget to secure a dog safety belt to the loop in the fold!

It attaches completely to the front seat, but is also suitable for the back seat, attaching to the headrest only. Please keep in mind that the back seat use is not 100% secure.

No, we don’t recommend it for washing machines. Please use a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or your hands to gently hand-wash it.

No, the pillow is not removable.

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40 reviews
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Mary Marlowe

I’ve got this awesome thing for my little puppy, and he absolutely loves it! I had it on the floor at home, and he would just plop down and take a nap in it. The cushion is super comfy, and the sides give him a cozy feeling. What’s even better is that I can attach it to the car seat. It keeps my pup comfortable and secure during our rides. It’s a win-win!

Richard Jendras

My dog absolutely loves it. It provides a cozy and secure spot for him to relax during our drives. It’s been a worthwhile investment for our adventures together.

Zelika Garcia

This travel bed is a true gem. It’s small but mighty! My dog enjoys the snug space, and I appreciate how easy it is to set up and fold down. Perfect for quick trips or longer adventures. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made for my four-legged companion.

Roger Rowe

Wow! This car seat is incredible. It’s a lifesaver for our road trips. My dog feels so safe and snug in it. Highly recommend it to all pet parents out there!

Joseph Lazok

I recently discovered this adorable mini travel bed, and it’s perfect for my small pup. The compact size is great for fitting in the car without taking up too much space. The plush cushioning provides a cozy retreat for my furry friend. It’s like a little slice of heaven for him during our travels. Love it!

James Faircloth

I can’t express how much I adore this car seat/bed for my dog. It’s a total game-changer for our adventures! The design is genius, with adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit in any car. The plush padding provides ultimate comfort, and my pup can’t get enough of it. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean, which is a huge bonus.

Casey Casper

I’m so glad I found this travel bed for my dog. It’s incredibly versatile and convenient. I can use it as a car seat, a cozy bed at home, or even bring it along for picnics and outdoor adventures. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it a breeze to transport. My pup loves it so much that he refuses to sleep anywhere else now. It’s definitely one of the best investments I’ve made for his comfort and safety.

Daniel Coumoutseas

I can’t stop raving about this car seat/bed combo I got for my fur baby. It’s been a total game-changer for our road trips! Not only does it keep my pup safe and secure, but it also provides a super comfy spot for him to relax. I love that it’s adjustable, so I can make sure it fits perfectly in the car. And the best part? It’s so easy to clean! Trust me, this is a must-have for any pet parent on the go.

Porter Lyon

I’m a fan. It’s easy to install and remove. The dogs seem to like it’s more comfortable than the leather and heated seats. I do wish it elevated the pups just a little more – I might insert something in there, but otherwise – it’s good.

Linda Hobkirk

This travel bed has been a lifesaver for our road trips with our furry friend. It’s so easy to set up and provides a cozy retreat for our dog. The durable construction gives us peace of mind knowing that he’s secure during the ride. We love the added pockets for storing treats and essentials. It’s made our travel experiences much more enjoyable, and our pup seems happier than ever!

Dan Erdman

It’s compact yet super comfortable. My dog loves curling up in it during our road trips. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, and the soft padding keeps him relaxed.

Jeff Arinella

I’m in awe of this spacious car seat/bed! It’s big enough to comfortably accommodate my larger dog. The quality is impressive, and the thoughtful features like the built-in leash attachment and storage pockets make it even more practical. It’s a lifesaver for our family trips!

Stephen Ross

I can’t recommend this car bed enough. My pup gives it two paws up, and I give it a perfect five-star rating!

Joseph Holt

Let me tell you about this amazing car seat/bed I got for my dog. It’s been a total game-changer for our road trips! The best part? It’s super easy to use. I just pop it in the back seat, secure it with the straps, and voila! My furry buddy is all set for a comfy and safe ride. He loves it so much that he even falls asleep in it sometimes. It’s a must-have for any pet parent who loves traveling with their furry friend!

Joyce Buchanan

This travel bed is a true gem. It’s small but mighty! My dog enjoys the snug space, and I appreciate how easy it is to set up and fold down. Perfect for quick trips or longer adventures. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made for my four-legged companion.

Charles Price

Our car rides with our dog have never been better since we got this fantastic travel bed. It’s like a little sanctuary for our furry friend!

Joe Leeper

I recently discovered this awesome car seat for dogs, and it’s been a game-changer for our road trips. My furry friend absolutely loves it! Whether we’re embarking on a short drive or a long adventure, this cozy bed keeps him comfortable and secure. The best part is that it’s super easy to install and adjust to fit any car seat. I’m thrilled to have found such a practical and comfortable solution for our travels!

Charles Henderson

Perfect for long drives and spontaneous adventures.

Tom Giddens

I recently discovered this incredible travel bed for dogs, and let me just say, it’s paw-some! It’s designed with convenience in mind. I can easily fold it up and take it with me wherever we go. The best part is that it’s machine washable, which is a lifesaver when my pup gets a little too excited during our adventures. It’s become his favorite spot in the car, and I can’t blame him. It’s like having a cozy home away from home!

Mary Crisp

Our pup absolutely loves it! He happily curls up in his cozy spot, enjoying the ride while feeling safe and snug. It’s the perfect solution for traveling with our pet!

Linda Smith

I can’t express how grateful I am for this travel bed for my dog. It’s been a lifesaver during our frequent car rides. Not only is it incredibly easy to set up, but it also provides a safe and comfortable space for my pup. The bed has adjustable straps that keep him in place, preventing any sudden movements during the journey. He’s so content and relaxed in it that he often dozes off peacefully. This product has truly transformed our car rides for the better!

Peter Nickerson

Cozy, awesome, dog loves it so much it’s ridiculous. SUPER comfy.

Angela Brome

We found this plush padded car dog seat/bed to be perfect for our needs. We have a 16-pound ChiWhip with long legs, and he really seems to enjoy traveling in this bed. To make it even better, I put a bed pillow underneath it on the car seat, which raises the height. This way, he can easily see out the car window and even rest his head on one of the side cushions. We went on a 2,000-mile trip, and our furry friend was comfortable the entire time. He had plenty of space and didn’t feel cramped at all. What’s really convenient is that this bed is washable, although you need to remove the individually sealed stuffing components first. Thankfully, it’s an easy task to do. Overall, we’re very happy with this product and how well it worked for our dog during our long journey.

Greg Edmunds

As a pet parent who loves to travel, this Owleys dog car booster seat works great for me. My dachshund loves his new seat and enjoys the view outside. The installation was straightforward and it fits well in my compact car. It’s easy to clean too. Docking one star as the the padding isn’t thick enough for us, so I still have to add an extra blanket for comfort during long trips. But overall a great product

Rod Ray

We got these things for the car because our new puppy gets sick during car rides. We were so excited to put them together as soon as we got them. And guess what? The puppies absolutely love them! They played in them, wrestled in them, and even sat in them all night. We haven’t tried them in the car yet, but it looks like they’ll have no problem with them once we do. Putting them together was super easy, and we really appreciate that they’re fully washable. Hopefully, they’ll help with our puppy’s car sickness. Fingers crossed!

Ronald Putrick

This car seat/bed for dogs is a total game-changer! It’s like a portable little haven for my furry companion. The moment I set it up in the car, my pup hops right in and settles down for the ride. The sturdy construction and adjustable straps keep him safe and secure, while the soft cushioning makes it the perfect spot for him to curl up and relax. It’s made our car journeys so much more enjoyable for both of us!

Brian McCurry

Can’t stop raving about this travel bed! It’s compact yet super comfortable. My dog loves curling up in it during our road trips.

Donna Boekel

So, I ordered this thing and guess what? My dog couldn’t wait and jumped right in before I even finished setting it up! It’s a really good size for taking him around with me. Luckily, I can bring my furry friend to work, and this thing is just the right size for me to carry it in and out of the office when I have my pup with me for the day. He actually slept in it the whole time!

Barrie Cress

This car seat/bed for dogs is a total game-changer! My pup absolutely adores it. It’s the perfect size for him, and he feels so secure and cozy in it during our drives. The easy installation and washable design are a huge plus too. Highly recommend it for pet parents on the go!

Daniel Williams

I love this dog car seat! It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and keeps my pup safe and comfortable while we’re traveling together. Highly recommended for all dog parents!

Linda Nelson

Great dog car seat. appreciate the removable and washable cover

Jesse Casas

Love this! We bought this dog seat to make sure our pet is safe and comfortable when traveling with us in the front seat, and we’re happy with the choice. One of the things we appreciate the most about this dog car seat is that it can be used in different types of vehicles. I have an SUV and my husband has a sedan, and it fits perfectly in both. The seat is easy to install and remove, which makes it very convenient for us. Thank you!

Donna Grimme

This is a must-have for those who have medium sized/small breed dogs. The seat is well-made, durable, and provides peace of mind while on the road. Also, it looks very nice and trendy 👏🏽

Joel Goldberg

its okay how ever I thought it would come with a soft mat

Charlotte Goldberg

I purchased this dog car seat for my new car and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the product. The seat is made with high-quality materials and provides a comfortable and secure place for my dog to sit during car rides. It was also very easy to install and I was able to do it on my own without any difficulty. Another great feature of this dog car seat is that it is very easy to clean – I can easily wipe off my dog’s dirty paw marks with a wet wipe, and the seat looks as good as new. I would highly recommend this dog car seat to any pet owner!


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